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Solar Solutions Incentive Program

The Solar Solutions Incentive Program is currently open and will remain open until all available funds are reserved.


If an Interconnection Application has already been submitted for a job via PowerClerk , please DO NOT start a new Solar Solutions Incentive Application. You will be able to submit a Solar Solutions Incentive Application under the same project number that has been assigned to your initial Interconnection Application submittal. The Solar Solutions Incentive Application will be available to you under the "Available Forms" section of the initial submittal. If you have questions about this please call 818-548-2750.

Please review our Residential Solar Solutions Program page and the Guide for Applying for Interconnection and the Solar Solutions Incentive Program before you proceed.

Solar Interconnection Process

Interconnection Applications will continue to be accepted through PowerClerk. Please review our Solar Education page and our Guide for Applying for Interconnection before you proceed.


In case of questions please e-mail GWPSolarSolutions@glendaleca.gov or call 818-548-2750.